Sunday, 3 April 2011


The new gangway is very very nice.  My first day on the boat that I did not have to climb that ladder.  Even at low tide it was an easy walk up the gangway.  Big thanks to Dave Hodder who built it.  His first one of 10m long but Dave you did great.

Thats the good news.  The bad news is that when Gannet is floating it now leans badly.  I suspect it is the weight of the gangway.  It is leaning the ship right onto the pylon.  Not sure what to do about it yet.  I suspected that it might be a lot of water in the belly of the boat that was now moved to one side by the gentler lean caused by the gangway.  So I stripped the floor off the engine room floor to check out the tanks below and it did not seem to have enough water in to make such a difference.

So I am a little puzzled as to what the cause is.  The gangway is heavy but I am surprised it is heavy enough to cause this on its own.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Its down to screw fix.  Buy a shed load of 10mm power cable and time to wire up the power to the boat.  If it goes well then I should have boat wide lighting and power to sockets throughout the boat.  I can then try and get the bilge pumps working and if that does work then I can start to pump out both the water tanks and the water under the engine room (I think it is just cooling water).

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