Sunday, 31 July 2011

Birthday Venue

Well today we were back on the boat. Not to work, but as the venue for the birthday party. It was way to nice a weekend to do any work. So happy Birthday Dad. I hope you liked the day.

Next weekend may be the first I have back on the boat to work. So looking forward to that. Lots to do. Need to complete the wiring in the Radio room and start on dismantling the battery chargers into smaller bits to enable me to carry them off the boat.

Hopefully back to a 3 day work week in a few weeks time leaving 4 days clear (probably not every week) to get on with the job.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


I spent the morning trying to sort out why the system would not light up.  It turns out the connections are not as intuitive as I thought.  But a few words of advice from Martin at and it all lit up.    Getting the enttec ethernet DMX controller recognised was difficult but it turns out the MAC firewall was blocking it from being seen.  Quickly resolved that and then had the lights going on and off from the laptop.

A transfer of the whole system onto the wireless network and downloaded the luminaire software for iPad.    Now all the lights are happily working from the iPad.

Thanks for all your help Martin.  I am sure I will have another million questions when I start to extend the whole thing to multiple rooms.

And check out the movie below

Friday, 1 July 2011

Lights, action, camera

Firstly welcome to my new followers.  At 7 its not quite up there with Stephen Fry's following but its a start.

At home is sitting a box with some goodies in it.  Should be the ethernet controller and the lights.  Can't wait to get home, unpack it and see if I can set fire to the flat :->

Ipad at the ready.  Some test software at the ready.  Hopefully there are some cables in the box!