Friday, 15 April 2011


I was pleased to have the isolation transformer delivered yesterday.  10 days earlier than I was expecting.  So big thanks to Paul at Sutton Marine Services (  He was kind enough to sort out the quick delivery from the Dutch and then drove the item to me in his van.  Good service.  Thanks Paul.

Fitting the device appeared to be simplicity itself (refreshing).  Wired the inputs from the shore, wired the output to an RCD and then from the RCD to the isolation switch.  Then plug it in and flip the switch and everything lit up perfectly.  I was a little nervous that this system may have a negative affect on the other built in power systems but it all seemed to work fine.

The next job on electrics is simply to start stripping out the old wiring.  I will have to clear out the old battery room and make that the new utilities space.  It is a room that is of such an odd shape and small size that it will not be useful for anything else.  I will move all fuse boxes to there and then rerun the cabling and fit new modern consumer units.  I will need to move the transformer there to.  Then fit proper 32 amp capable power cable to ensure the system is future proofed.  If I move the boat in the future there is a strong possibility that I will have 32 amp shore power.  That would be useful.

I spent a good deal of yesterday clearing out the cupboards.  Another set of interesting finds of old tools and bits and bobs as well as some horrors.  So many rubber gloves.  What on earth did these guys do on board that required so many rubber gloves!

Pics of the new system in its temporary home.

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