Sunday, 27 March 2011

Reverse Engineering

Hot off the press.  I worked through the switch drawings I made during the day and was pretty sure I had reverse engineered it correctly.  I just needed to check what a few of the components were so I headed for the 5 volumes of paperwork I found in the boat.  Turns out that one set of paperwork actually has the complete set of diagrams for the cabinets.  Easy to read and understand and confirmed that I had the majority of the circuits fairly well right.

So next week, all I need to do is connect up the mains, flip the switch and hey presto.  A fire no doubt.  So maybe not.  Perhaps I will do some more tracing.  The wiring diagrams with the set of ship wide fuse box diagrams can now be worked through.  Even if I am not sure which wire goes where I can see that they wires are all in place and pretty immovable (so nobody could have messed them around).  Step 1, label and remove ALL fuses.  Then from the fuse boxes check each circuit to make sure it is not shorting.  Check the sockets and lighting and then start to replace the fuses.  Fingers crossed, no fires.

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