Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Three main tasks to sort today.  The first task was the replacement of all old bulbs with low energy versions.  With only 16 amps to play with and a lot of lights there was no way I could run the ship without them.  The second task was getting the rest of the ship working.  It took a lot of tracing and trial and error but eventually all the lights across the ship were lit.

Final job of the day was to pump out the remaining 4000 or 5000 liters of fresh water.  I had bought a pump and was ready to go.  Got it all set up, open the valves to the tanks and nothing came out.  They were all empty already (good news) so the dials were not working and were showing water where there was none.

There was a new arrival today in the dock.  Seems the marina owner's obsession with lightships has no end.  This one is missing its light and looks like it has seen better days.

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