Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tidy for guests

With my first visitor due at midday I thought it time to clean up.  I spent the morning moving stuff around into the front locker.  Having replaced all the bulbs down there I was pleased to find that strapped to one of the rope shelves was the original chimney!  That was a great find.  That means I can bolt it on and get the fire going later this year.  I was already looking into finding a chimney so that will save some money.

I moved all the engine spares to the engine room cupboards and removed about 5 black bags of junk and cloth and rubbish out of the boat (well, onto the deck).  So another million trolley trips to do.

All the junk from the radio room was moved to the front locker leaving only the tools.  That meant I could then move the big brute equipment into the radio room and restore the mess to a clean and tidy seating area.  Nicer then to have visitors.

The only down side was that I discovered that the lean is not to do with the gangway sticking.  I managed to move it when it was leaning badly and it did not correct the lean as it had in the past.  This is going to be a tricky problem to solve.

The afternoon was spent more leisurely with a friend doing the tour and getting lots of photos.  He will be sending them over so I will put them up.  I did manage to open the light cabinet in the lighthouse today and get some pictures of the bulbs.  The red filters on the windows make photos come out very strangely.  But you can see the light for the first time below.

Tomorrow (if I can get out of town due to the Marathon) I will do today's job and inspect the water tanks.  I have found a company that will do tank coatings.

Before looking at this site think twice.  The tanks when done look like you would be more than happy to drink out of.  The tanks before hand (not just boat) will make you think what you are drinking water out of already.  Gulp.  I may never drink water out of a tap fed from a tank again.

It looks great technology but gut feel says its going to cost a packet.   Let's see how the tanks look first.  Given the state of the water pump I think it will need replacing anyway.

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