Friday, 29 April 2011

Its a bank holiday - So back to hard graft

With the mess now cleaned out I have turned my vandalism to the battery room.  I had made good progress to a certain point last time I tackled this room.  Today I had to remove the last of the wooden shelving and cut out all the metal shelves supporting the batteries.

Out with the trusty reciprocating saw.  I would like to say that it was a breeze but it was not.

All the wood was saved as it appears to be mahogany.  Could be useful for the build to come.

The last part of the day was spent lugging the batteries around.  Holy cow they are heavy.  All the wood was moved into the chain room for safe keeping.  Still need to do something about the ton of stuff now out on deck.

The fate of the batteries is still to be decided.  I have 10 80AH batteries and 19 of the big white ones (unidentified as yet).  Thats a lot of dollars worth of batteries.

I spent some time today trying to work out cable routes.  The battery room is next to the radio room which is next to the galley.   I need to find the best route through for the power cables for the cabins and mess.  I think the right idea is to put a consumer unit in the coat cupboard out of sight and that can sort all the power for the cabins in 2 ring mains, mess and bathrooms.  The lighting for the cabins,mess and bathrooms can also all be fed from that.  It will mean only one large cable to route for that part of the boat.  I think a separate set of connections for the external lighting and power at that end of the boat.

I will put in a separate consumer unit (possibly same cupboard) for the kitchen.  They are not that pricey and it means that if one thing is tripped it will not take out large chunks of the power elsewhere.  The radio room consumer units can be housed in the battery room itself as can the consumer units powering everything else on the boat.  Including the lights and fog horns etc.  

That just leaves the engine room which is more complicated.  There are several fuse boxes down there.  These may need to be upgraded but may be beneficial to leave them in their current position as there are no issues of aesthetics down there.

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