Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cables cables everywhere

I turned up today with the thought that I might head down the electrical suppliers and start the purchasing of various bits and pieces.  But I thought again and decided it would be better to do a bit more design work first.  So the morning was spent working out what the power requirements would be for each room.

That done it was back to real work.  The wheelhouse has the battery chargers in it and they are a real eye sore and quite old (early 80s).  There are two massive ones which drive the 24v batteries and then 3 smaller ones driving the 12v batteries.  I unwired them and then proceeded to strip out all the 12v and 24v wires (the 24v ones are over an inch thick and weigh tons).  It took many hours but having removed them the overhead cable trays are now a lot thinner.  The wheelhouse now only has the lighting and socket cabling.

The 3 12v chargers were a bit rusty.  I am glad I did not switch them on.  They looked relatively sound but the solder joints were brittle and few came off while taking out the mains cables.

The 12v and 24v cables go into the radio room.  I have yet to tackle that room so I may have to move to it earlier than anticipated.

More cable destruction tomorrow.

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