Wednesday, 20 April 2011


The idea of opening a hatchway between the kitchen and the mess seemed like a good idea (at the time).  The first job was to remove the white cupboards at the end of the mess.

The cupboards themselves were not to bad getting out.  A few hours of careful deconstruction.  Amazing that yet again this was held together by screws that could be used to hold your house up.

With the cupboards out I was left with the plywood wall.  It turns out it is 10mm thick.  For the love of god.  Why?  Not only is it 10mm thick but it is screwed in using mega screws which are screwed deep into the wood, filled and painted over for 50 years.  Thanks for that.  But to make a hard job worse, or impossible they were very kind to fit the walls and then the ceiling.  So you cannot take the wall down without removing the ceiling.  But you cannot remove the ceiling as the other walls are added after the ceiling was put up!  Again.  Why?  So what should have been a short job turned into an all day job. 

The good news is that it all had to come down anyway as it needed to be insulated.  At least I can practice on these walls before I get into more sensitive areas.

Apart from the huge stack of wood I need to clear the wall is now ready for the hatch to be cut.

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