Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Anodes on their way

Its holiday season so not been on board much.  Not lost interest but needed a break.  The new hatch being fitted was a milestone.  It gave me the confidence that there was little that could not be authentically put right.  So the pressure was off to try and protect certain rusting parts as I know they can be replaced and look a million times better.

Apart from the hull that is.  So Dave has ordered a buch of zinc anodes to bolt on to help protect the hull.  That will help.  The transformer protects it to some extent but insurance requires me to fit these things.

I still cannot find anyone interested in the large battery chargers.  Which means it may be time to cut them up to dispose of them.  So if anyone knows anyone who wants some let me know!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Just about done in the wheelhouse

I was working to complete the wheel house today.  Cleaned out the remaining wiring which included the lights and sockets.  It struck me today that to get the ship to the position where it can be insulated I will now need to strip out the remaining electrics including lights and sockets.  This means I have to put in some temporary lights and cabling to keep me going in the mean time.   Should not be too difficult.

So the only remaining cable in the wheel house is now the single cable feeding the standby foghorn.  This just needs to be neatly run along its current route and then insulated.  I only now have to remove the remaining furniture, get Dave to cut out all the bits still on the walls.  Then that will be 2 rooms ready (mess and wheelhouse).

The second job was the removal of the foghorn ballasts (those odd wire mesh heating elements).  If the horns are to work these will be needed but I do not want them where they are now (were) and will move them over to the windlass room.

The battery room still needs to be cleaned of its batteries and some lights removed (a day's work) and that will be room 3.  The final room will then be the radio room.

The galley still needs the cooking platform removed (so out with the concrete breaker, big GRIN, he he).

All lights now removed.  Just the ceiling wiring trays to remove (Dave)

The 4 foghorn ballasts

One was under the water tank that fed the bilge pump.

One was by the burglo alarm (that was its brand name for the burglar alarm)

Two were in the main area by the mess and the bathrooms.  They were really ugly so it is better they are moved from this area.  The two distribution boards will also be gone.  Just need to put in alternative light circuits for a while so I can remove these.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The joys of part time work

Well, after some time away I found myself back on the boat and knee deep in wiring again. The news for today was that the new hatch was fitted. Dave had done a superb job producing an exact replica of the original and putting back the original porthole and weights. It now opens like a dream.

I manage to clear out the remainder of the wheel house fire systems and strange brown wooden box. Makes a big difference to the space. Cleared out much of the fire system wiring. So some progress was made again today. The battery chargers are unshiftable alone. The transformer itself can only just be lifted but not moved and the cabinets are similar. I have no idea how I managed to get them off the wall in the first place.

Introducing Dave.  Miracle worker in steel.  Thanks for the new hatch Dave!

The wheel house cleared of the old wooden box

And fire systems

The transformer still here because it is unliftable!