Thursday, 21 April 2011

Finding new ways to hurt oneself

Its an obvious and easy one.  Just try and take down plywood ceilings on your own.  Gravity does most of the work.

Not a lot novel happened today.  Just day 2 of what will be 3 solid days of removing walls and ceilings.

I had to take the light fittings down to remove the ceiling but cable tied them back up for now.  No point being without light in the short term.

This air vent feeds air to one of the cabins below.  It is big, it is welded in and it was put in AFTER the wall.  It took a couple of hours to get the wall out from behind it.

When the room is stripped then the task of rebuilding can begin.  This is a good test room.  I will need to:

1)  Take up the old flooring
2)  Get the new power consumer unit put into the cleaned out battery room ready for wiring.
3)  Plan the ring main for the sockets in that room.
4)  Get the hatch cut our (Dave)
5)  Put new battens up for the plasterboard
6)  Put in the power cable conduits into the battens
7)  Put in cables and wiring for light switches

Still a few decisions on my mind.  Whether  to go with the underfloor heating.  I think this is likely to be the way to go as it means less intrusive piping.  The other decision is on lighting and this is where we get into design.  Not my strong point.  

I have time to consider.  The modern low energy bulbs cannot be dimmed.  So not sure whether I will go for something more advanced. 

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