Thursday, 28 February 2013

62 cm is simply too big

The ship interior is quaint.  Doors are small ship like things with brass fittings, the doorways are narrow and cause untold damage to shins if you are not used to it.  The stairs are all but ladders and take some getting used to.

All well and good until you try and fit furniture through the door.  There are NO sofas that would possible fit through a door that size.  Time to find some do it your self suppliers who will sell good build it yourself furniture (Ikea is obvious but their sofas really are not the right quality).

It also means that other stuff will not fit through the door.  One of the key things that I need to get through is the foam insulation machine.  It is 62cm wide and 70Kg.  Gulp.  It simply will not get to all parts of the ship.  Luckily it can be fitted with 150ft of hose (at a cost).  That should enable it to reach the parts that other spray machines just cannot reach.

The original challenge of heating tanks is also solved.  There are some great 'jackets' on the market now that heat the tanks.  That won't enable the spraying to be done in winter as the walls really need to be up to 21 degrees C too.  But summer is coming and that problem should solve itself.

I was fascinated to read the instruction manual on how to spray the foam.  It was clear that you have to let each layer of foam dry and cool before adding another layer to avoid spontaneous foam combustion.  I don't often read manuals (its a bloke thing) but perhaps information like that shows that it is sometimes worth the read.

So summer is the target.  By then I need to:

Batten all the walls ready for the MDF (or ply, undecided yet) and plasterboard
Put the first fix cables in
Lay all the pipe work for heating and water
Put in any air ducting for cooker vents
Dismantle all the cabin walls (where I will sleep during this process remains to be seen) and ceilings

Not much to do then.  But determination to get this all sorted over the summer is there.

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