Monday, 11 February 2013

New lows

Its a shame I have not managed to find a thermometer to measure the temperature on the ship.  But it must be between 5 and 10 degrees inside.  Its hard living but you get used to it and whats more when people at work complain a room is cold I barely notice it.  Everywhere is warm by comparison.

The best way to avoid the cold is to work and so onwards with the real matter at hand; the ship.

This evening was about further cleaning.  The portholes are back on the ship and ready to be fitted.  But too much junk was still in the way of progress and had to be cleared.  Tonight I realised that months of work on the ship had led to the extension cables used to light and power the tools had been moved so many times and plugged and re plugged in different combinations that the end was result was not too disimilar to the maypole.

Job 1 was therefore re run all cables.  About an hour's work so no issue here.  The second job of the evening was to tackle the mess as it was covered in dust and paint from where the portholes surrounds had been stripped.  This also was not major work but I also cleaned the fireplace ready to go tomorrow.

I noticed that the wood covers on the porthole holes are blowing a gale.  Refitting the portholes must now be a priority as it will make the ship airtight again which will help with the temperature over the next 3 months.

The wireless network is now up and running.  My time capsule backing up the mac as required.  Given the temperature and the sensitivity of batteries to cold this is not too soon.

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