Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hmmmm warm fire

With the effort focused on the mess tonight I have managed to get the fire going.  Hmmm.  Warmth.  Lol.  Not really.  The heat loss from this room is significant and the fire keeps you warm if you sit by it but not much more.  What should I expect, this room is 6 metal walls 3 of which are external.

The prep for the portholes is now all but done.  They are clear of stuff so that Dave can get in and do his magic.  They are desperately needed as you can fly a kite from the draft from some of them.

New toys were de-boxed (I know thats not a word) tonight.  A pillar drill and a big saw.  One has a laser on it so it must be good.  I am now prepared, when Dave has done his bit, to start on the wooden walls and start to lay cables and piping.  Exciting times.

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