Thursday, 14 February 2013

Waves waves waves waves waves waves

Last night's weather was horrible.  Driving rain and strong winds from the river meant big waves in the marina.  I am not of course talking North Sea type waves, but the first set of real choppy water I have seen.  Gannet of course moved.  Ever so slightly.  It takes monster waves to bother her.  But I had never felt her move at all.

I have learnt long ago to bungee the back door to stop in banging in the wind.  But what I had not counted on last night was the pontoon on the river side put there temporarily to enable Dave to do the portholes was not tied up well enough and bashed into Gannet.  It sounded inside like someone taking a hammer to the hull.  This persisted from 2 am to 4 am.  I even got up to take a look what was going on.  Of course, outside you could see it just touching and hardly making a sound over the wind and rain.  Time to get that sorted.

The work in the ship progressed last night.  Bed boards were constructed for the cabin bed (final set) and the place cleaned (my OCD kicked in again).  The remaning time was spent moving my stuff out of rooms that have portholes to fit to enable Dave clear access and in the case of bad weather, stopping it getting wet.

I also managed to sort out the huge pile of keys I found around the ship to try and see if the locks on the cabin bed draws can be locked (or in two cases unlocked, I dread to think what is locked in those two draws).

Next job is to fit the carpets in the last two rooms and try and fit the ariel.  But that will require daylight so its a saturday job.  I have been drying to try out my iphone locator app.

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