Friday, 1 March 2013

Portholes off for cleaning

The final set of portholes head off for cleaning this weekend.  Hopefully a fast turn around will ensure that the boat is finally sealed up and ready to start work on.  The last few cleaned portholes went in yesterday and look FAB.  Dave has located a source of the round head bolts used for the portholes enabling us to get a stock ready for any other new portholes that are needed for the ship later (well done Dave).

The next work for Dave will be around the front of the ship.  Getting the front room sorted is going to be a priority as getting this done now will enable me to dispose of all the steel and also the front locker will be a source of steel for the chain room.

Lots to do but all starting to come together.  Still need to source a load of new portholes (gulp).  Big bill coming.

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