Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Summer Winds

The summer winds are NOT blowing in.  Leaving the ship at sunrise is bad enough but the chill of the ice winds blasting the UK are not funny at 6.50 am.  But it can only get warmer.  Conditions on board are improving slowly.  Over 6 months of mess needed clearing and so I started in the chain room.  Putting all the tools onto the newly constructed shelves in the chain bucket has gone a long way to sorting out the chaos.  Note to self, stop buying dustpan and brushes.  I have enough to open a small Woolworths for some reason.

My theory that a couple of hours work each night will make a difference is clearly right.  By 9.30 pm I had managed to clear all the tools and make progress emptying the old bathrooms of junk.  I predict that another couple of hours tonight will see the main deck cleared and hoovered.  It will simply be easier to live on with all the rooms and corridors clear.  When that is done Dave can come on an fit all the new portholes at which point over half the ship will be air tight and the ship will not be so permanently dark.

Talking of dark, I managed to blow the fuse again sat night.  This is the second time I have popped the fuse on the marina and I need to understand why.  With a supposedly 16 amps to play with I can't see I have this high a demand.  A move to low energy bulbs from the big site lamps will help but even these are not big enough to pull that much power from the marina.  I will need to find a 'gadget' that will tell me my power consumption.  I think the Mastervolt thingy has a network connection that will allow me to monitor it.  I will check.

Luckily I had a torch hanging from the emergency ladder at the bottom of the stairs.  Its an interesting experience I have rarely seen.  When the lights go out on the ship it is not dark.  Not as we would normally experience dark.  It is that kind of darkness which is a complete absence of light.  Total black.  You cannot see your hand in front of your face.  Feeling my way across the room to the ladder highlighted the need for a clean floor policy.

More cleaning and tidying to do.  Then the proper unpacking can start.  Hopefully real work can start next week.

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