Saturday, 14 May 2011

Radio room progress

Despite the rough night I managed a good amount of progress during the day.  The radio room still had the wall behind the fog horn controls in place so I had to remove 2 cabinets, and the wall and then put the cabinets back.  I also managed to remove the remainder of the ceiling.  Lots more cable removed and the saw took care of the inch think heavy cable.

I did manage to get some lights in place so have caught up on the photos

The wheel house ceiling is now almost clear with the only remaining cables being the in use lights and one socket.  There are 4 cables which go through to lights on the roof of the wheelhouse which will be replaced.  Need to removed the last trunking.

This is just the debris from the afternoon's work.  The back deck is now covered in building junk.  I have no idea where I will get the energy to move it all to shore and a skip.

There is still a dozen cables going through to the windlass room.  These will need to be tackled.

The battery room is now almost clear of cables.  Only the lights remain.  These will be rerouted and the trucking removed.

The majority of walling and ceiling has gone and a lot of cable removed.  There are still a lot of cables remaining.  Most of these crisscross the room from the various units.  Moving the units together will reduce a lot of the cabling. 

The boxes here are the old 24v and 12v fuse boxes, the bilge alarm panel and a couple of transformers.

What was interesting in the radio room was that the rear wall was a false wall and a large gap behind.  The frame for this wall supported a lot of the kit.  But the welded it in and it must have been done relatively recently as it looks like they removed none of the wood first and a lot of it was charred where the welding had set fire to it.  This wall will be useful.  It will mean that there is a big cupboard space or wiring space to route a lot of cables through.

You can see the amount of cabling that goes up through the ceiling into the lantern.

Lots of cables pulled through today which disappear into the engine room.  I had pulled through a number of cables through to the engine room with Toby but still lots to go.

And finally I managed to get the chain room lit well enough to capture the amount of cabling that has been pulled through over the last few weeks.

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