Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Compact and neat

Not enough time this morning to start anything new.  So it was simply a case of tackling the rear deck pile. With all the wall panels and ceiling panels in their original size the whole space was taken up.  It had reached the point where you could only just get to the door to get into the boat.  It had to be tackled.

3 hours of cutting all the panels into small bits and stacked at the back of the boat made a huge difference.  The rear deck is now mostly clear, swept and nice and clean.  All the internal rubbish from the last few days is also cleared out.

I have uploaded some photos from the last few days.  I won't try and inject them back into old blog entries (too hard).  

Photos in the lantern room look weird.  Or it could just be my brother.

The new stove and green kettle.  Does the job although I reckon the gas canister is only good for about 5 kettle boils.  

Toilets duly restored after their coating of dust from the cutting disks.  Finally disposed of the horrid boards and spent a while scrubbing the black and white flooring.  Very eighties.

Bathroom now clear of bath.  Clear view of the rust built up behind them too.  Nothing serious.  Looks worse that it is.

Kitchen now clear of all shelves etc

Staying over means you do get to enjoy the evenings.  The view of the marina from further along the river.  Just outside the marina is one big mudflat when the tide is out.  Lots of wildlife there and lovely views when the sun goes down.

Radio room now stripped of its gear and all moved over to the other side.  Wiring very much thinned out now.

Thats it.  Need to think through next steps now.  I think I need to get the fog horns and lights working prior to fixing them up.  So I will need to do the wiring through the ceiling and into the lantern.  Then see what happens when they power up.

I did some measuring one night to see how much space there is on board.  I did not measure all the rooms but ...  all in metres

Mess  2.45 * 5.3
Toilet 1 1.44 * 0.8
Toilet 2 1.44 * 0.8
Bath 1 2.00 * 1.5
Bath 2 2.45 * 1.5
Galley (just the room section)  3.2 * 2.45
Radio room 3.6 * 3.9
Battery room 1.6 * 3.6
Wheelhouse 4.9 * 2.8

Chain room 7.1 * 5.9
Chain bucket 1  2 * 4.3
Chain bucket 2  2.2 * 3.5
Chain bucket 3  2.2 * 3.5

That totals to 129.21 square meters.

On top of this I have all the cabins, the windlass room, the front locker space and the engine room.  Plus some smaller spaces which could be opened up.  Should be plenty.

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