Sunday, 8 May 2011

All change

It had become evident over the last few days that the radio room was not the place to store all the tools and junk.  Trying to work in there with most of my tools in there was just getting dangerous.  Today I made some impromptu shelves and tables in the chain room and migrated everything down there.  I now have a place to work and store stuff in a more controlled way leaving the rest of the ship now clear to work on (safely).  
I also managed to clear most of the cables from the wheel house and the overhead trunking.  It is now starting to look like a clear room ready to insulate.

But what was nice was to spend a few hours cleaning up after nearly a week of ripping stuff out.

Some photos from the last few days

To give you some idea of cable thickness we have been trying to pull through trunking.

This is hard to see but the chain room is now covered in old cable.  I will try and get some more light on the room to show how much cable has been taken out.

The storage of kit and tools in the chain room

Table and shelf now put in on top of the railings.

Wheelhouse now with far fewer cables

The only cables left going down through the floor are the lights and the two floodlight cables.  The 24v spinning window cable will need to be replaced but that can wait.


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