Monday, 23 May 2011

Next steps

Firstly, my wife reminded me that she had taken a lot of the early photos I have used on my blog and had forgotten to credit her.  So credit where credit is due, photos by Beatrice used with great thanks.

The last trip was productive enough to see the light at the end of the cable pulling tunnel.  The remaining cables are now identified and will be replaced as new consumer units and circuits are fitted.  Which leads me onto the next subject.  Time to decide what solutions to fit on heating and lighting.

As a gadget freak I cannot help but spend way too much time looking at silly solutions.  But luckily one of the latest things is LED lighting.  Its benefits are clear (lower power than even the CFL) and almost no heat.  The other benefit is that you can get some amazing control gear (DMX) for them which enables you to programme each zone in terms of colour and brightness from your ipad (finally a real excuse to get one). It certainly looks like right way to go.  Low power and clever automation.  Can't be bad.

The second challenge is heating.  As I am close to completing the rip out stage of the boat I will need to consider where and what to put in with regards to a heating solution.  It is looking like a straight forward boiler/calorifier solution is the way to go run off LPG (propane in this case).

As usual, there are lots on the market, all written in heater speak or lighting speak and nobody to translate.  So lots of reading to do.   If I am to do underfloor heating solutions I will need to ensure that whatever solution I put in is big enough to drive the underfloor system.

But I am getting there slowly.  Buying stuff always seems as hard as trying to sell stuff for some reasons.  Perhaps if suppliers could understand better the needs of customers in terms of solutions rather than rocket science product specs they may well sell more.

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