Friday, 13 May 2011

First night nerves

I am not sure that choosing Friday 13th is the best day date to spend ones first ever night onboard the boat. But clearly if my dining experience is anything to go by I am in for a night.  Went to Hoo fish and chip shop with a view to eating it in the village square on this nice evening.  Waited 10 mins for chips and finally got them open as requested, with lots of salt and vinegar.  Just what was needed after a hard day cable pulling.  I asked for a chip fork.  No sorry, we are out they said.  How am I supposed to eat these then?  The issue was I had filthy hands (3 cleans still had not done the job).  I had paid for them, but I just handed them back bloody annoyed.  Why did they not tell me they were out of forks when I order them open.

Anyway, rant over.  I had a toastie in the local cafe and it was very good.  A nice bottle of Riesling and a plastic glass and back to the boat.

I have decided tonight that sleeping in one of the dark cabins (yet to be cleaned) is a step too far.  So I have literally set up camp in the wheel house.  A couple of self inflating mats (camping mats) and an uber sleeping bag.  Quite cosy.  But sitting up here I am noting the wind and the constant creaking of the boat. Tide is coming in too and that in combination with the wind normally makes for a lot of noise.  But I am sure it will be ok.  Lots of windows will no doubt mean an early morning wake up.

I have a little heater to take the chill off the morning air and then it will be wash and brush up and off to breakfast at the cafe.  Thats the plan anyway.  We shall see how the night goes.

The day's work did not go as well as I had hoped.  A late start due to some idiot causing a spillage in the blackwall tunnel made the east end a car park again and this was only mid morning.  It took and hour to get back to Rotherhithe tunnel and out via Greenwich.  So a long trip here followed by lunch meant a late (13.00) start to the work.  I pressed on in the radio room.  2 more wall panels removed and all of the remaining fuse boxes and switch boxes.  I now only have the fog horn and light for the main lighthouse control boxes in place.  Tomorrow should see the remaining ceiling panels and cables removed.   Light at the end of that tunnel.  I will try for more photos tomorrow as I now need to set up lights in there to make it bright enough.

Now its time to see what is on BBC Iplayer or equivalent (I forgot I also have a LoveFilm account)

More wine!

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