Saturday, 28 May 2011

Radio room clean up

Having reached nearly knee deep on the floor in waste wire, nails, wood etc from all the clear out of the radio room it was time to do a clean up.  But it did not stop there.

Dave had undertaken the work to remove bits and pieces from around the boat.  Another great job completed but this time he had to use cutting discs on his angle grinder.  It took nearly 5 hours of cutting to remove the bathroom floor I beams.  I cannot imagine doing this.  I spent nearly 5 hours cleaning the ship yesterday.  Sweeping first, then hoover, then mop.  A fine metalic cutting disc dust was everywhere.

It was enlightening though.  I now know that Pompeii may not have been down to the volcano but actually down to one of Dave's ancestors down on the port working on some boats.

The radio room is now all but cleared.  I will need to do further rewiring due to the way the remaining units are wired.  For example, the light cables (for the main lighthouse light) run from the unit (6 of them 1/2 inch wires) from the unit along the ceiling all the way to the other side of the room where they turn and turn again and run all the way back to the unit and disappear through the ceiling to the lantern tower conduits.  Why!!!!!  I will need to do some careful labelling, unwiring, shortening and rewiring.  Must get it right if I want the lights to work every again (they also drive the motors to spin the lamp).

There are two fog horn units on the wall with the portholes.  I may unwire those and move them over to the units next to the fog horns and try and keep all the stuff in one place.  Shorter wires and easier to manage.

The radio room appears to have a hatch in the wall.  I am not sure yet whether it is metal or wood as it is behind a wall and is painted over on the outside.  What is clear is that either now, or in the past, it has leaked and the inner wall is heavily rusted.  Best look at that and ensure it is watertight before I put new walls in.

I will try and upload some photos later.  But today is a day on the boat with no work!  No work clothes! Just sitting in the wheel house listening to radio 4 and browsing the web.  I have two books on iphone app programming (groan).  I have already built my first calculator app and it worked fine.  Need to expand my abilities and start to look at more advanced apps.

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