Saturday, 7 May 2011

2 days down, 300 million million cables to go

Yesterday and today were spent pulling cables through ceiling trunking.  Ouch.  Its painful hard labour and so much of it.

Yesterday was hard going as all the trunking was tightly packed.  Still hard going today but with a lot of cables out the job gets easier.  Not easy, just easier.  I dismantled most of the cabinets out of the radio room and stored them safely.  Mostly curios to be honest as none of it would be any real use.  I also managed to strip out nearly all the 24v and 12v ccts and cables.  There was a hell of a lot of it.  The chargers for the batteries were in one room.  These were cabled into the battery room.  This fed fuse boards in the radio room.  The fuse boards then went via (back and forth) various boxes and switches as inconveniently placed as the Irish could find.  It was a worthwhile exercise though as many cables were removed.  Lots and lots still to sort.

Today was made a lot easier as Toby joined me on board and worked hard at cable removal too.  That means one less day of work for me :->  Big thanks to Toby for that.

Having Toby there meant that we could tackle the difficult transition point from the upper deck into the engine room below.  Me up a large ladder in the engine room and Toby above trying to push the cables down.  Not easy but we got through about half a dozen.  The big control cables though are about an inch thick or so and bend immediately they come through the ceiling.  I think there is almost no chance of getting them through without cutting the trunking from the engine room roof.  Ladders and saws and overhead work.  Hmmm, my favorite.

Tomorrow will be more of the same although the blisters on my hands are now 2 deep and so I may give cable pulling a break and do something less damaging.  Back to the water tanks!

I have been pulling my hair out with the power system suppliers.  This kit costs lots of money and they sell loads of different versions with all units doing some things but not others.  Two alternatives are Mastervolt (makers of the transformer I already have) and Victron.  Mastervolt kit is really nice but just cannot handle the power requirements.  Victron will but I cannot get them to outline the solution I need.  I explain what I am trying to do and get two short answers with product names and little else.  Certainly not enough information to make a purchase decision on.  However, they have put me in touch with someone who they think will be able to help.

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