Wednesday, 2 March 2011


1) Find a solution to unblock the drain pipes

Managed to find something called a drain snake. Basically a long wire which attaches to a drill. I am not confident that it will do the job. But we will see.

2) Get the insurance for the boat

Turns out to be relatively straightforward. Unlike boat financing getting insurance for the boat looks like an easy task. There are a number of insurers.

3) Get the gangway ordered

Made good progress. Will need to meet Dave this weekend to work out dimensions.

4) Get the big brute ordered


5) Get some degreaser for the engine room before I slip and kill myself

This one is difficult for odd reasons. There are so many and most of them are hideous to the environment. So it will take more investigation to find some product that won't harm the river if any gets out. Will try fairy liquid on Saturday. That may do the job.

 6) Put covers over all uncovered ventilation holes.

There are a bunch of unused covers on the boat. Bought some tape to try and cover up some of the holes with bin bags for now.

7) Buy 3 more padlocks

4 shops. No padlocks that are suitable for the marine environment.

8) Need to find out what kind of stuff the deck is made from

No luck yet.

9) Need to find a good rust 'converter' (stuff you paint on rust to stop it getting worse).

No luck yet.
10) Tackle the removal of the water heater.

Saturday job

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