Friday, 25 March 2011

Its Friday!

It's Friday and I have not achieved the things I wanted to.  Best laid plans and all that.  But its not all bad news.

1) My super duper industrial Vac etc has been built.  Can't wait to get my hands on that.  It will enable me first of all to empty the water tanks and inspect them.  But I cannot get it on board until I have the gangway.
2) The gangway has progressed and will be up by next weekend.  Goodbye to that ladder!  
3) I have found a number of companies who can re-line (various approaches and substances) the water tanks.  This will be much easier than trying to chop out or build new ones inside.
4) I have found a company that does the DIY spray on insulation.  It is far cheaper than other insulation and far more effective (moisture seal so no condensation).  I will certainly use this for the living accomodation as although there are walls in place (plywood) there is no insulation behind which explains fully why the place is a fridge everytime I go there.

This weekend will be spent in the engine room.  I need to trace and create wiring diagrams for the internals of the power control systems.  They are in mint (like new) condition inside and all cables and switches are labelled.  Out of the switch labelled shore/generator power comes about 10 cables.  I need to find out which ones are inputs and which ones are outputs and try and trace them through.  Its complex.

More cleaning is now needed.  I need to start securing the outside storage areas and moving tools and junk etc into those.  Try and clear up the living accomodation to make it more pleasant.  There is no shortage of storage in the boat so it should not be too hard.  The weather warming up will mean it should be ok.

I now have my vactan rust remover and some drill fitting wire brush attachments.  Probably not for this weekend as that seems to be a job that once started may never end.

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