Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday tanked

A clear set of tasks to achieve today.  The new tools would hopefully help ease the job.  The main task was to complete the tank removal from kitchen and the hot water pipe work.  I had bought some adjustable wrenches to try and undo the pipes.  Forget it.  Jammed solid.  The new electric hacksaw made light work of the top pipes connected to the tank.  Easy.  The surprise was that the pipe was very thick copper (I assumed due to the size they would be steel).

The next stage was to cut the cold water pipe which entered from underneath the tank.  There was good news and bad news.  The good news was the saw started cutting easily and the pipe was accessible.  The bad news was the tank was full of water and about 5 seconds into the cut there erupted a fountain that would not be out of place at the Bellagio  Hotel in Vegas.  PANIC!

There was a drain in the galley.  But it was blocked like many of the others.  So the galley just flooded with the entire contents of the tank.  Out with the Vileda super mop and 20 mins later back to dry galley floor.

The rest of the pipe work cut out easily.  Next stage was the kitchen sink and drainer.  That took an hour of crude violence with the new JCB demolition tool.  Then cut out the metal supports with the new hacksaw.  Its great to have the right tools for the job.

The last job of the day was to remove the cooker grill.  That came out easily.  The metal work that supported it was a different story.  All put together with screw head bolts with square nuts.  Guarantees that you can only use a conventional spanner and a flat head screwdriver.  It took about 15 mins per bolt to undo (they had kindly painted over both ends).  Managed about 5 before I gave up tonight.  Only about 15 to go.

Photos from the weekend

Still not that lovely but I have defeated the black toilet!  Both are now clean.  Still frightening though.

Still too much clutter in the main room.  All  tidied tonight though.

The tank before.

The sink.

The cooker and supporting framework

All the hot water pipes were wrapped in some insulation and covered in some matting.  Then all painted over rendering them like plaster.

This pressure gauge was connected to the tank.  Interesting to see such a device.

Having managed to cut the blue fresh water pipe below the tank I started a flood.  Managed to get a bucket under.  Despite a late start it did manage to fill the bucket 4 times.

And still managed to flood the kitchen

Pipes removed from the main corridor.  That was hard overhead working.

Tank gone!

Sink gone!

Pipes gone!

The other thing I managed today was to remove that bit of wood out of the top deck drain.  A 6 inch coach bolt into the wood and pull.  Out it came after 3 attempts.  I suspect the drain is still blocked but at least there is no wood jammed in there (small mercy).

One discovery during a quick look at the generators controls.  There is a switch that allows you to select between shore power and generators.  All I have to do now is find where to connect the shore power in and hopefully I will be able to use the built in power systems.  And lights!

Next week's jobs

1) Complete the removal of the cooker frame
2) Trace the water systems and inspect the water tanks
3) Plan the place for the grey and black water tanks
4) Get the bathrooms broken down (remove baths which look to be cast iron and welded in!)
5) Start working out how the bilge systems work (and the fire systems)
6) Start working out where the sea water pipes go (they come from the side of the hull) and what they are used for.

That should do it.

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