Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bath wins

A mixed day.  The primary job of the day was to tackle the two bathrooms.  The baths turned out to be bolted to the floor.  Said bolts were very large, rusted and covered in paint, under a bath and behind the legs.  Game set and match to bath.

But I did manage to remove the old sinks and pipe work.  So not all was lost.

The bathroom floors were raised.  But this made your head hit the ceiling (nearly).  So by removing the flooring it should be possible to make a walk in shower.  Much better.
The other decision to make is whether to keep two bathrooms or merge into one.  The issue is they are both long and thing.  Given there are 8 cabins it may be better to have both and try and make the shower arrangements work.  They should do.

I will need to use Dave to cut the baths out.  That can wait until the gangway is done though.

Managed a few other tasks today.  Traced all the water tanks and piping from soup to nuts.  It took some time as pipes disappear through walls and you have to go up 2 floors and back down again to try and work out which pipe coming out the wall on the other side is the right one.  But it is actually straight forward.  4 tanks with one big pipe connecting them all and connecting to a stump on deck.  The other pipe connects all 4 tanks and goes up in two directions.  The first goes into the engine room and connects to the water pump.  That then pushes water up to main deck height and to the blue pipes I can easily trace.  It also goes up to a hand pump which appears to allow the crew to get water without power.
I also had time to look at the cooker.  Its a bit old and a bit of a mess.  Only the left hand section actually holds wood to burn.  The rest is just oven.  The chimney is the pipe below.  So I traced it to the deck above to see which of the many sticky outy things was the chimney.

And here it is.  Bugger.  Good job I did not light it!

I managed to find where this hatch went.  It turns out to be the escape hatch for one of the cabin sections.  What I noted was that many of the hatches and some of the other buildings have good portholes with plates over them.  So the plate on this hatch has a great big window.  I also found a load of spare porthole glass in one of the front lockers.  Useful.

I managed to spend some time in the bow and stern sections.  The chain room looks ripe for conversion and knocking through to the bow area.  It will provide a huge living space to convert.

The door handles all need some work.  Mostly corroded brass.  Some have keys jammed in.  Will take a lot of work to clean these up but should be worth it.

All the doors are in great condition as well.  Worth restoring rather than replacing.

Finally, before leaving, I had a look under the cooker.  Surprise.  A useful tool.  It is the tool to open the various holes in the deck (see below).  I was wondering about that.  Also, I found that it had the instructions for the ship showing how many light flashes per second and blasts of the horn take place on the ship under normal operation.

All in all a productive day.  Really good to spend a bit of time finding out how this lot hangs together.  Still did not manage to trace where the shore power comes in.  The only way forward it to take off all the  million cable ties and trace the cables through one by one.  Will need to check each and every cable anyway as there are a number of alarming 'wiring' challenges.

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