Saturday, 19 March 2011

Clean up day

It was far too nice a day for heavy work.   The day was spent cleaning the main lounge area.  To say it was filthy was an underestimate.  It probably has not been cleaned for 20 years though so no surprise.  The chairs are well beyond saving now.  But the table and bench are in excellent condition.  I cleaned all cushions, woodwork. walls, and floor.  It came up nice  I also cleaned the oven.  Came up ok,  At least now it feels habitable.  The porthole glass polished up fine as well.

The afternoon job was to try and get the cover plate off the large porthole.  Turned out to be not too difficult.   The porthole was covered in red paint.  I have purchased some paint stripper.  That's tomorrow's job.

The last plate went on the new platform.  Also the gangway has been started.  May take longer than anticipated due to Dave being busy.  Not a lot I can do.

Managed to get some photos of the place next door that burned down.

The best bit of the day was the weather though.  Glorious day.  The boat was ice cold though in the morning. Way warming outside than inside.  The evening was lovely too

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