Thursday, 3 January 2013

TV solutions

I recognised long ago that I would need to fit another 2 gzillion miles of cable back into the ship.  One of the things I was worried about was how to terminate the various cables in a nice looking and compact way.

I found this at screwfix. This screened socket has just about everything one will need in one place.

It has the two satellite cable feeds allowing me to feed a sky + box.  It has an FM and normal RF TV socket and also has a return socket.  That means you can take the feed out the back of a sky box and distribute it around the ship.  Finally, it has the telephone socket in there too.

I don't yet have to worry about how to distribute at the moment, I just need to wire each room with a full set of cables and worry about what to send down them later.  I may need to order more cable!

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