Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow fun this weekend

I have a terrible habit of moving home in Winter.  I had hoped that this move to the boat could be done one warm sunny Winter's day.  Nope.  As I look out the train window I sigh as there is a good layer of snow on the ground and more coming down.

Its not the cold, but marina walk ways are slippery enough already without the help of snow and ice.

Still, the boat should be warm enough.  Should be.  Get the fire going and all will be cosy.  Sort of.  Keep telling myself that.

The main jobs for the weekend are to get the pipes (the leaking ones) changed over to the 15mm ones.  Fingers crossed I can get these on leak free.  Dave has removed the last of the portholes for restoration.  Taking those off to Craig (another 6) should see the whole job wrapped up by the end of Feb.  Then I will have light back.

Apart from that, its making the place homely.  A few lights (always helps), some carpet and underlay for warmth and the curtains up at the bottom of the stairs to stop dust and cold.

Still no sign of my mattress yet though.  Starting to get nervous.  Without that its going to be hard going.

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