Monday, 7 January 2013

Ring main live

The activity at the weekend was focused upon the fitting of the ring main.  This was the first time I have wired a consumer unit and it turned out to be relatively simple.  The unti came ready wired inside with all the RCD and MCBs fitted.  So  single wire into the unit to feed it power and then connected the 32 amp MCB to the new ring main.

I still need to sort the Mastervolt isolation transformer earthing.  They say some confusing things in the instructions which if taken literally make little sense.  More do do here.

The MDPE joints just won't stop leaking.  Nightmare.  So time to replace all but the one junction from MDPE to 15mm.  The 15mm pipe will do the job required and will not leak.  Off to screw fix.  Again.

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