Monday, 9 December 2013

Toilet floor 0 Dave 1

It's done!  The floor toilet stands are gone.  Well done Dave for another fantastic job.  This is a great way to work.  I do all the jobs I can, Dave does all the jobs I can't.  Note, not won't.  I am not a big fan of outsourcing jobs because they are messy or hard.  I may as well just project manage then.

Dave will now be turning his attention to the remaining portholes and the anodes.  Its a useful job Gannet.  Most of his work is outdoors and I know he likes my work as when the weather is bad and he cannot work outside he can come be productive on Gannet.  It helps him up his utilisation and helps me spread the costs over a longer period.

It all works very nicely for both.  Dave is not the cheapest guy to do your work but he charges the going rate for someone of his experience and skill.  There are cheaper but needless to say a man with a welding machine does not maketh a welder.  Dave is the best and I firmly believe that you pay for what you get.  I know that I can trust Dave completely on my ship, that it will not burn down (he is very safety conscious), the work done will last the life of the ship and I will not (and never) have to have him back to redo anything.

Anyone who needs any form of metal work, fabrication etc done on their ship/home etc give Dave a ring.

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