Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Freezing fog

I awoke for the second day running to freezing fog.  My gantry was less of a walk way and I would have been better equipped with a pair of skis and exited to the sound of clanking cow bells (Ski Sunday memories).

It was not a good morning.  It all went wrong last night.  'Can you remove the waste pipe running through the porthole cover please' says Dave in a text.  No problem says I.  Timing is everything.  I did not want to be without facilities this morning so everything just needed to be prepared so I could pull the pipe through this morning.  In the dark.  In the freezing fog.

I make few regrettable stupid mistakes but last night I realised I had made one.  When I went to prepare the pipe I realised there was also a black wire running through the hole.  WTF!  Oh crap.  I have wired the TV ariel from the front of the ship all the way down the shop cable tied and through the hole and then all the way through the ship to the TV room where the coax terminated.

Sigh.  45 mins later the cable had been threaded back from the TV to the hole and the job was done.

I can only think that once the ariel was up, the excitement of getting imminent TV was too much and  brain function shut down.

Note to self:  Don't do stupid things.

The second thing that did not go my way last night was the cold.  I ventured into the old TV room (one of the cabins on the sleeping side) to do the ariel lead.  There was a howling gale through one of the ceiling vents of freezing air.  I had to venture to the top deck to work out why when all the horns were covered.  Or should have been.  The one on that horn was a rubble sack taped on (did not have proper covers for all) and after the storm it had ripped.  But this time of night it was simply too cold, too foggy and too dark to do anything about.  That will be a job for tonight.

I have to say, on nights like that, having watched the film the fog, standing on a dark dimly lit ship alone was a little creepy.  But its an amazing place at night and the lights of the other boats through the fog, the moon on the pond still water and the silence was incredible to see.  But also creepy so I did not stay out long to watch it.

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