Monday, 9 December 2013


Now the floor is sorted I can turn my attention to putting up the woodwork.  I originally moved onto the ship to help speed the process up.  The theory being that a little bit every day will be a big step forward quite quickly.  It did not work out due to work levels.

But I do now have a small room to put woodwork up in.  So I am back to the sanatogen approach.  One a day.  Tonight I will clean up all the room from grinding dust and start to fit 1 piece of work a day (or maybe a few).  Getting into a routine - eat at lunchtime, home by 7, get changed, 1 hour's progress.

Let's see how that works out.  But it should mean I get the toilet done in 7 nights as its not that big.  Once that is done, Dave should have fitted the bathroom portholes (fingers crossed) and that is a much bigger room and needs some thinking about in terms of the layout.

I have been re studying techniques for sorting the walk in showers.  The walls are easy, the ceiling sort of ok but the issue is the height of the room and the depth of the floor required to do the drains.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the shower will have to drain into the floor below.  Or I will need to lose another 10 cms in height to fit in.

Another attempt at the front locker ceiling last week saw progress.  The ceiling panel was inch thick marine ply.  Useful bit of wood.  That's half the ceiling down.  2 panels to go then just the walls!  Easy.  hmm.

As soon as Dave has finished the portholes then it will be time to cut the doorway between the chain room and the new master bedroom.  That will help as at the moment the only access is from deck.  That is a real pain for working as I have no light or power that far forward anymore.  Cutting the door will help access and will mean I can work over winter more easily at the front.  It is a great storage place too.

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