Friday, 20 December 2013

LV12 - Welcome to Radio Seagull

Lightship owners are a rare breed, up there with windmill owners I suspect.  I was recently contacted by Sieste Brouwer who is the owner of LV12.

It is great to see a ship which looks to be the same model as Gannet.  Photos of the ship in the Ship section and in their Gallery section of their website make me smile a lot.  It is great to see one of these ships being restored and looked after.  It is even better to see it out at sea again where they should be.

Makes me wish I still had anchors and chains!

I note that the ship is down to 8mm steel.  Gulp.  I know how thick that started out as.  That's half the steel gone.  I look forward to discussing this with Sieste.

I hope to meet Sieste over the holidays if I can arrange my complicated Christmas schedule.

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