Saturday, 11 June 2011

Who needs gyms

Kitchen floor cut to pieces. Lunch. The Titan jackhammer is as the Americans would say awesome. 2 hours and about 2 inches of tiles and concrete destroyed. Along with me. I did no appreciate how heavy a 15kg tool was. I can hardly stand. There are some lessons learned though. Things they don't tell you in the manual. First if you get your technique right it cuts through effortlessly. If you don't you can grind away for ages. If you give the concrete somewhere to go it will just fall apart. If you don't it will just slowly chip away.

Luckily had all the safety gear. Ear defenders curtesy of CIL from the engine room. A full filter face mask and my full face mask screen. Tried goggles but they mist up and don't stop sharp flying tiles from hitting the rest of the face. They are easier to swivel up to inspect what you are doing too.

All I need now is a hundred rubble sacks to clear the rubble this afternoon.

But I have to say the tool is the best one bought to date. If I had paid someone to do that job it would have cost me a lot more than the tool.

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