Saturday, 11 June 2011

Rubble Trouble

The kitchen floor came up easy.  The rubble it produce filled 20 rubble bags.  That really finished me off.  But the kitchen floor is now visible for the first time in over 50 years.

The job.  These are the kitchen 'before' photos.

I have to say that I expected some chisel bits a LOT smaller than what I found in the box.  I serious think  you could dig up your road with this thing.

I started in one corner and tried to work my way out.  There were some awkward bits because some of the original shelves and boiler stands were welded to the floor and then concreted in leaving the stubs in the concrete.  But this corner took no more than about 10 mins work.

Eventually all the floor was turned to rubble. Lots and lots and lots of sharp tile filled rubble.

Time for a break and off to buy 20 rubble sacks.

The swan swimming around outside reminded me why its good not to dump diesel into the water.  Its not a great photo but it was perfect white against the grey of the day.

Many hours of clearing rubble and hey presto!  A kitchen floor.

The down side of the tool is the blisters.  This one is my record!  And this was with wearing heavy duty gloves.

Some of the kitchen floor was quite rusted.  Not a surprise really.  There was no moisture barrier between the concrete and the metal so water that did get under just sat.

This is the old raised cooking area.  I think this will need to be removed.  It will make life much easier when it comes to doing the kitchen.

One of the parts of the floor had delayered quite a lot.

Some of the original shelving metal that was embedding in the floor.  This will all need to be cut off too.

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