Friday, 24 June 2011

All quiet

Not been on board working now for quite a while.  Guests last weekend and father's day gave me a weekend off.  But back to the grind tomorrow.

Have acquired some hole cutters to cut 20mm, 25mm holes in the steel for the electrical conduit.  Looks like it could be hard work.  Lights are due to be delivered on Tuesday which will give me a few days to sort out the wiring.

Jobs for this weekend will need to include a go at mounting the load ballasts for the fog horns and lights in the radio room and then buy some junction boxes to reconnect all the wiring up.  Depending upon the weather I may well start to thin out the wiring going up into the lantern.  That would bring the radio room into a ready state like the mess where I can start to put things back together.  If I achieve that (unlikely) I will relocate the remaining batteries from the battery room, remove the fire supressor and have that room finalised for the rebuild.

That would leave some minor bits to remove from the wheelhouse and a few bits to get out of the kitchen and the boat will be mostly ready to start the fit out.  Eeek.  no pressure then.

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