Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Something else to chew over

Today's research has been on macerators.  There is not a lot to them as it turns out.  I will need one per toilet if I am to avoid the large standard piping.  The macerator will crunch stuff up and pump it through standard 22mm pipes (plastic or copper).  Turns out that saniflow do some quite good ones that sit in frames behind the wall and used with hanging loos (like the ones I highlighted in the last post).  They look like the right way to go.  I only need them to reduce down the pipe sizes rather than a need to actually pump it.   Given the tanks are at the bottom of the boat gravity should do the job on its own but you still need it crunched to avoid big pipes.

The spec of the DMX system is being drawn up by the supplier so I am hoping to be able to start playing soon.  I also now fully understand (sort of) how KNX and DMX can work together and how everything could be KNX run.  More work to do here though.  I cannot find anyone who seems to know about everything needed.

Should be back on the boat tomorrow.  Picking up a big power chisel to get rid of the tiles and concrete and other flooring in the ship that I no longer want.  If I am to fit underfloor heating then I need all the floor space I can recover.

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