Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rubbish 2

The rubbish is being eaten away slowly.  Loaded onto a small boat tied up either alongside Gannet or by the pontoon.

Starting to look cleared.  Ish.  A day or so more work and it will be done.

All the rubble sacks are gone

You can see the deck on this side two.

I am very much looking forward to having a clean space again.  While none of the rubbish was domestic, the look of living in a rubbish tip was depressing.  It slowly built up over a long time.

The two guys doing the work have been relentless.  Organised by Dave (thanks again Dave) I have done a good deal where they get to recover some of the fees from the steel scrap.  The copper remains mine.  With the money I pay plus the value of the steel everyone wins.  People have suggested that I sort the scrap out but there is a lot of it and in the end I would have to pay a lot to get it moved and I suspect that while I may overall end up in profit from the exercise that would rely upon me working on it and not doing my day job.  Two days away from my day job and I lose more money than the whole thing put together.

The copper is still to be recycled so that should cover the upfront money I paid to clear the rest and a bit more besides.

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