Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Poles away

News just in.  Expert advice has indicated that the support poles in the front locker are no longer needed.  These supported the deck.  Clearly with tons of chain bearing down on the chain runners on deck there would have been considerable forces pushing down especially in 10m + waves in the Irish sea.  Now, Gannets gentle existence in the Medway or indeed in any inland waterways where she will spend the remainder of her life, there is simply no need for this reinforcement.

The poles have gone and the room is now fully open plan.

Work has started on cutting the hatches into the bow room of the ship.  Portholes are being fitted into the kitchen as we speak.

Finally, news in on some portholes for sale.  Possibly as many as 20.  This would sort the front bedroom and the remaining 8 missing cabins' portholes.  That would just leave the chain room to sort.

Gulp, the expense!

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