Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hatches cut out, portholes in

Two new portholes now fitted to the kitchen outer wall.  One more gap to fill.  If the porthole deal goes through on Monday I will have spares to complete the set.

The two fitted (the right hand one of the two you can clearly see below) are opening ones.  The original set did not open and I thought it was important to have some air flow into the kitchen if possible.

Again, another photo showing what is not there.  There was a big metal cupboard at the bottom of the stairs which was no longer needed.  All gone now opening up that space at the bottom of the stairs to the chain room.

The new master bedroom now without poles.  You may also note on the right a new hatchway that goes through to the front bow space.  There is an identical one on the other side of the bed space.  I have to say that it looks great and the photos do not do it justice.

Same hatch way on the left hand side.

View in from the hatchway.  I will leave the stairs in place and put in a skylight (porthole into the hatch at the top.  It can serve as another emergency exit.  Or I may utilise the stairs in the bedroom for the same purpose and remove these stairs.

Dave has cut the door out on the old coal bunker so we can fit a proper door to the ensuite.

Its hard now to capture the size of what will be the master bedroom.

View from the wall with the hatches on (the bed wall).  The stairs down into the hull will remain as there is a huge storage space underneath.  This shot is looking left.  The wall showing on the left is hull, the wall behind the pole is the coal bunker (ensuite to be).  There is a big space to the left between the coal bunker and the hull.

View to the right of the bunker through the door into the chain room.

Still more to do though.  Dave is now cutting the remaining floor down in the chain room and removing chain guides that are no longer needed.

Final news, I have just bought a cable stripper to remove the copper from the cable.  The price of copper is much higher if you strip it yourself and I have got a very cost effective drill powered stripper that will take the cover off cable up to 35mm.  Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of fun to be had there I suspect.

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