Wednesday, 3 October 2012

More holes than swiss cheese

Progress is being made on board ship.    Dave has been working hard on cutting all the holes needed for all the pipe work and cabling.  All done.  The toilet wall has been removed and the toilets too.  The door has been walled up.  Dave is due to remove the piping (eeek) this week.

The front window on the wheel house has been removed and is ready for clean up. The spinny bit makes this a difficult job.   But I am sure it will look fine when Dave has finished.

The next stage is to liberate the last 4 portholes from Craig and we are ready to go.

The list of work is starting to shrink.  The cabin portholes need fitting which is a big job and the anodes still need to be fitted.  Then the cable room and the front cabin needs a lot of steel work to do.

I think Dave will appreciate the work inside as the weather starts to worsen.

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