Friday, 26 October 2012

Portholes ready

Exciting times.  The remaining portholes are restored (big thanks Craig) and will be collected tomorrow.  Big bill too but they look superb and worth every penny.  Dave has worked hard this week and has cut out all 8 porthole holes and is building the hangers to allow him to cut the remaining bits off the outside.  Then the 8 can be fitted and thats the cabins done (well the first set at any rate).

The next set of large portholes is now ready to cart back to Craig to be restored.  Hopefully they will come apart without massive engineering work as per the last 4 of the smaller ones. 

Dave has fitted the pipework to the water tanks so I can start to put those in place now (Dave doing plumbing work, what jobs can't Dave do!) with the new water pump and start to lay piping.  Will be starting to measure the rooms for battening and get the wood on order.  Then my favorite job of all.

I get to buy more tools :->

I will need a saw to speed up the job.  Off to B&Q (or screw fix).

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