Tuesday, 18 September 2012

7 out of 11

The first windows arrived this weekend.  Portholes actually (I must get more nautical).  They look fantastic.  The sand blasting cleaned every piece of paint from the base and they almost look golden.  The brass on the rest has been polished and looks new.

Well done Craig for your work.  I know you have a trickier job to do on the last 4 (machining out the screws) but I am sure they will come out as well as these ones.

Photos will follow.

Meanwhile Dave is busy cutting lots and lots of holes.  He has the unenviable job of removing the toilets and the toilet pipes from the cabins below.  I owe him a beer for that.  A single pipe carried all the output of 8 stew eating irishmen for 50 years.  That pipe has seen a lot of history and Dave is not keen on the job.  Who would be.

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