Thursday, 23 August 2012

Measure up

The windows are looking good.  One more to do in the wheel house.  The spinning window needs removing and the surrounding area cleaned.  Not a big job.

Other activity.  Now the boat is basically stripped back it was time to start planning the holes.  Lots and lots and lots of holes.  So, equipped with drill and hole cutter I started on the first of perhaps 80 holes.  The hole cutter has a standard drill bit which sits within the bigger hole cutting blade.  After about 5 mins of hard work the hole cutter had not even reached the steel.  Damn.


I marked out all the holes throughout the boat for the routes for the heating pipes and power.  Each room had its lights marked out and the wiring routes traced.  Even radiators are drawn on the walls.

One further change that was needed though.  The current layout has the two toilets and a single bathroom.  The trouble is the toilets are very very small.   This will now change.  The wall between the toilets will come down to make one toilet and a new toilet put into the bathroom.

Job done.  All laid out.  Just got to build it now.

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