Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year all!

This year I hope to make some real progress.  Still lots to achieve but looking back over the last year I can see how much has already been done.  The bulk of the work is still to do.

But my first job of the year is going to be to fit the chimney and try out the stove.  May as well do this now as if it works ok we will have a warm room and route to ridding myself of tons of wood.

The main jobs to complete are

1) Complete the strip out:

  • Carpets from the cabins (rotting)
  • The porthole wood coverings
  • All the electrics from below deck and remaining parts of the ship
  • The cabling up to and in the light itself
  • The plumbing (pipes)
  • The main feed wires from the generator room
2) There is still some structural bits to sort
  • The sea intake values need to be sealed
  • The anodes still to fit (in progress)
  • Acquire and fit portholes
  • The hatch in radio room needs to be examined (what is it) and removed/replaced
3) Then there is some restoration to do
  • The portholes all need to have their paint removed
  • Some doors need restoration to make the look better and work smoothly
4) Then some engineering work is required
  • Plan the electrics (systems)
  • Plan the plumbing (piping requirements and tanks)
  • Plan the heating (boiler location, radiators and pipe runs)
5) Then the rebuild can start
  • Plan the wiring runs
  • Plan the plumbing pipe runs
  • Fit the new wall woodwork
  • Fit the cable and piping (where necessary) conduits (and cover for now)
  • Prepare all walls, ceilings and hull for insulation
6) Insulate ship (huge job to do here)

Once the ship is insulated it will then be a fit out

7) Fit tanks, new ballast pumps and systems
8) Run all cables and piping
9) Fit ply walling (where appropriate)
10) Fit the plasterboard (where appropriate)
11) Fit electrics and lighting
12) Fit heating boiler and systems
13) Fit bathrooms and toilets
14) Fit kitchen
15) Decorate and furnish

17)  There will be then some further engineering work to do
  • Fit out front bedroom and ensuite (will do this last as it has separate access for now)
  • Cut door from chain room to front bedroom
  • Fit out new floors in chain room
  • Convert chain room to usable space
So a lot of work to do still.  Then start to worry about the outside and the repaint.

Busy times ahead.

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