Sunday, 22 January 2012

All clear ahead

More clearing work this week.  The cabins are now totally cleared of all wiring, lights and switches, carpets etc.  The bathrooms and toilets are suitably stripped down and now there is probably only one more set of grinding for Dave to do to clean off the remaining bits and pieces.

The rest of the time was spent emptying out half a ton of rubbish that had accumulated around the ship while taking everything apart.    The rear deck is now wall to wall rubbish ( I think and 4 skips worth at least).

The stove had dried nicely so it was time to test it.  This time with coal.  It worked a treat.  No smoke, no leaks, no burning paint.  The coal used was smokeless.  The downside was that although it got hot, it did not get as hot as wood.  So even when I tried the kettle on the stove it did not boil.  I think that although it burned coal for over 6 hours (just one small load) it will take many days of heating to get it to a usable temperature for cooking etc.

Finally got the mess (room with stove) cleaned and put some furniture back in.  Now there is a place to eat and drink which is clean and tidy.  And now warm.

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