Monday, 2 January 2012

Good to be back

One job to achieve today.  The chimney.  Sadly there was no way for this to be done.  The plate upon which the chimney is mounted is held on with quite a few bolts and both the nuts (very large) and blots were rusted.  Even I managed to remove them (which I would not have managed) the bolts would be too far gone to reuse for the chimney.  So another job for Dave.

Talking of which.  Wow.  The amount of cleaning work Dave has done is tremendous.  The walls and ceilings all cleaned of bits of metal, cables, cable trays etc.  It was actually quite odd and the place looked bigger.  So big thanks once more to Dave for his hard work over XMAS.  Its the first time I have been on for a while and it really felt that we had made a leap forward.

So attention was turned to below the main deck and started to strip out one side of the cabins electrical gumpf.  Cables, conduit, lights, switches and plugs nearly all removed and the porthole covers removed from all the cabins.

The flooring (old lino) was removed from the upstairs mess.  Leaving that room now all but ready for rebuild (some minor bits to do).

The other set of cabins will be tackled next weekend.  The cabin flooring needs to be (carefully) removed so as not to damage the bunks and then all the cabins will be ready for insulation.

Which brings me on to my next subject.  Ian and Sue from Onward Mariner have also been busy bees over XMAS and have decided that spray on insulation is the way to go.  They have spoken to three companies and they are looking to do the job over summer (we expect).  The companies are all prepared to do as I had suggested, which is that if they do both boats at once we could get a good discount.  But that gives me (and Ian) a summer target for that stage.  I will need to do some careful calculations to look at the cost (it is truly eye watering) as it would be cheaper to carpet the ship in luxury thick wool carpet than insulate it.  But it is worth doing properly and these guys would sort it all out (soup to nuts as they say).

Hoping to keep the momentum up again this year and really get things moving.  Lots to do so no point dithering.

Pictures from today

I could not remember the maker of the stove so I photographed it today.  Sadly my recollection of it being Jubilee was right which is a problem because I can find no reference to it on the web at all.

The seat in the wheel house was removed.  It was attached to a wall so no way to save it if the insulation is to be applied in here.

Dave has now all but removed the cooking area (which was full of concrete) metal frame.   Good enough for the concrete floor to be put on.

The whole of the entrance corridor has been cleaned of all surplus metal and boxes.  Good job.

Flooring in the mess now dug up.  Need to think what to do with flooring.  Dont really want to concrete so maybe insulation and then wood flooring will do the job.

All porthole covers removed from one side of the cabins.

A huge amount of wiring and conduit removed.

A friend raised a good point the other day.  How will I get the furniture in.  Good point.  Looks like anything not flat pack (sofas) etc will not go through the narrow ship doors.  So some custom furniture is likely to be needed.  

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